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The man who yesterday supervised a family member of a former Orthodox Jew who died found himself at odds with an evil face in the inaugural appearance of writer-director Keith Thomas.
By Keith Thomas:
Cat Thomas stars:
Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Little Goldman In the Hasidic community in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a desperate young man who lacked trust and funds, yesterday refused to accept the duties of bodyguards and follow the Jewish practice of supervising the remains of deceased Orthodox. Because the company is just leaving, and the sick widow doubts her husband’s ability to complete the task, he is immediately haunted by fear in the claustrophobic house where the disaster lives. In essence a one-man show, Dave Davis is very influential in his portrayal of skeptical watchmen, which radiates a combination of nervous empathy and embarrassment. Throughout this extraordinary night, his vigilance gradually turns into a horrible spiritual exploration of his accursed environment and his sad past – a journey where there is a collective trauma of the community …

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