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Theresa A. Laws

So Much Better Your Way

Signed Jack

Wow, even dreams defy me! My dearly departed wife has spoken to me about moving on. Why is everyone trying to get me married again? Would I be betraying my former beloved? And here I thought we were forever. Man, losing her hurt so bad, but surely, I can raise my son, finish seminary, and go on with life. I have too.For Jack Riley, life in Jackson, Mississippi has changed since losing his ex-wife, Kelly, during childbirth. Everyone has advice for the new preacher and father, and they’re not shy about offering it. Is he ready to choose again? He knows it’s too soon. Of course, it is. Don’t they know it as well? But a strong wind of fate blows toward him. It is unplanned, unimaginable, inconceivable, and downright hurtful. How could it happen? It’s certainly not what he nor anyone else expected, but it did happen. Will it work in his favor? Will it turn for his good? And was it planned all along? There are truths for everyone in this book. Get it now.

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