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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Advanced SystemCare Ultimate offers an all-in-one solution to speed up your computer and protect your system from viruses, ransomware, malware and more online from 30 tools to get the most out of your computer

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate lets you clean, maintain and repair your computer (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

The toolbox will be useful for those interested, which provides access to various tools divided by category (Clean, Repair, Security, System Optimization and System Cleaning), allowing you to maintain your machine and ensure the best performance.

Among other things, you can do fragmentation and optimization of hard drives, manage devices and processes, change OS settings, irrevocably destroy files, run defragment in the registry and find problems and vulnerabilities that can compromise your computer’s security.

Useful for most nerds is the Advanced Performance Monitor tool, which shows percentage usage of CPU, RAM, hard drive and network traffic, and includes tools for freeing up RAM and capturing screenshots.

With Rescue Center, you can create and manage system restore points, while Turbo Boost is a feature that can speed up Windows by shutting down processes and services that are not needed for specific functions.

Another upgrade to Ultimate from other versions of Advanced SystemCare is a more robust antivirus module that uses a Bitdefender engine to protect your computer from network risks and an IObit Malware Fighter engine to bypass malware. Add this real-time protection (which proactively protects against spyware) along with a tracking tracker (which removes all traces of your web navigation when you close your browser), and you can guarantee the security of all online experiences without compromising on speed. .

Advanced SystemCare includes other tools, such as the Deactivator program, which disables unnecessary background processes, HomePage Protection, which prevents customizing the homepage from your browser and search engine.

Android users can also enjoy the benefits of ManageMyMobile, which helps you clean, manage processes and remove malware from your smartphone (this requires advanced MobileCare installation). ManageMyMobile also captures information about your device, lets you capture real-time screenshots, and can view photos, music, videos, links, and applications on your device.

In the room you will find two other well-known programs: IObit Drive Booster, which updates your drivers to the latest version, and IObit Uninstaller, a powerful tool for uninstalling software and browser plug-ins.

Finally, the latest version of Advanced System Care includes a boot control with a 1-click optimization feature to automatically speed up a system boot and a standard program that allows you to set standard software for each category (browser, audio player, video player, hands). photos, PDF readers and compressed archive managers). Another new feature to mention is Plug-in Cleaner / Toolbar which protects against potentially harmful results for some plugins.

Users of free versions will also see several other additions to Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8, including tools such as Win Fix, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, Registry Cleaner,Disk Cleaner and Ultimate TuneUp to get the best performance from your machine.

Everything is at hand

Advanced SystemCare is cleaner with a smoother look than previous editions. This suite is very useful and the home screen gives you quick access to all parts of the product: Care, Protection, Toolbox, Turbo Boost and Action Center.

The design is simple and elegant and can be adapted with different skin types to suit your taste. Five are available as standard in the room, and you can change the background with uploaded photos in your craft room

If you are looking for a suite that guarantees security and offers optimization features for your personal computer, Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one solution, recommended for complete care.

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