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Theresa A. Laws

The author, Theresa Laws, resides in the Chicagoland area. Her author aspirations include her first book, Diary of a Divine Relationship (Jack and Kelly) and the sequel, So Much Better Your Way, Signed Jack. A lover of all things creative, she is also a published songwriter and looks forward to finishing her collection of new works in book and song and starting a design business. She likes to read and write as she is inspired by the world around her and events in her own life. Theresa is also an accomplished flautist and seamstress.

By Theresa A. Laws

So Much Better Your Way

Signed Jack

Wow, even dreams defy me! My dearly departed wife has spoken to me about moving on. Why is everyone trying to get me married again? Would I be betraying my former beloved? And here I thought we were forever. Man, losing her hurt so bad, but surely, I can raise my son, finish seminary, and go on with life. I have too.

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Shanda Rae

So Much Better Your Way

The very first chapter pulled me in. The plot had me interested the entire time with the ups and the downs. There were times when I got teary-eyed and there were times that I literally laughed out loud. The ending was beautiful, and I believe the author tied the story together very nicely. So heartwarming and I enjoyed every minute of it.


So Much Better Your Way

I really like this plot. I loved the Hallmark feel to this story. The storyline was really well done. While I was reading, I was garnering major Hallmark movie vibes, and I absolutely love Hallmark movies. The author did a wonderful job creating the characters and the story, and I love all the different themes they all embody, and all the stories that they have to tell. Great job.


So Much Better Your Way

It is a sweet, heartwarming story. It has all the necessary twists and drama to keep the reader engaged,
and it has some great biblical truths. You feel better for having read it.

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Diary of a Divine Relationship

Jack & Kelly

“A love story for believers, and those who believe in love.” Young Jack Riley, is an up and coming politician embarking on a new campaign to win a congressional seat in the state of Mississippi. Full of compassion for people, he’s fulfilling his ailing father’s wishes to take up the cause of social injustice. He’s also waiting on something or rather someone else he didn’t know he needed to fulfill his journey. Pressure from his mother and her tactics in matchmaking cause him to stop seeking all together and give the matter over to God.Kelly Sanders has had many obstacles to overcome due to special needs, but she and her family never give up. Seeking to overcome rejection through prayer and an ever determined spirit she reaches many of her life goals. But, something she never expects proves that God does indeed have a sense of humor as these two lives intersect.Jack and Kelly are both seeking to love and to be loved. Is she the one for whom he waits? Can their different paths merge into one? What do they learn about God and each other? Can family and friends derail heart decisions? What lessons are we taught as we journey through life with them? Be very prepared.Get it now.

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Jewel Hart

Diary of a Divine Relationship

If you’re looking for an outstanding illustration on the power of prayer and how God works in mysterious ways, then this book is a perfect portrayal of such beautiful wonder. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun and delightful book and was also able to appreciate the lessons to be learned from it. All very important things to be packed into one story, and Laws nails it. It is a definite recommend to anyone that desires to read something so expressive and lively.

Jessica D

Diary of a Divine Relationship

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Theresa Laws has a way of pulling you into the story and actually making you a part of it. It was an emotional journey where you become so involved with the characters, you felt their pain, you shared their joy, you got chills running up your arms. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a faith-based story. I got this book as an ARC copy and decided to review it voluntarily. 

Rachel from Goodreads

Diary of a Divine Relationship

Such a gorgeous book. I was immediately pulled in. This book is intriguing from page 1 and doesn’t stop until the end. The characters were beautiful and I love seeing how everything unfolded. This author is a storyteller. Fantastic job on the book. I loved every minute of it.


My heart is inditing a good matter. I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1

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